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We develop custom world class business applications for startups and the enterprise

10+ Years Developing Apps

10+ Years

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Mission Critical:
Recruiting the Best
Team Worldwide

We are a team of designers, developers, information architects and ux experts with quality assurance ocd

Our multiple cultural backgrounds, personalities and skills create a primordial creativity soup heavily focused on innovation

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Strong Foundations

The Development Process

Our Team

Lean Development Raw Talent

Our solutions are user-centered and this is good for business: engaged and delighted users become fierce ambassadors to your brand and products

  • We study your users’ needs so we can develop a digital product that matches theirs with your business objectives
  • We develop low-fi and high-fi prototypes so you can test concepts quickly and adjust based on their feedback
  • We develop a product strategy, information architecture awesome design and great code for your users’ delight
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Our Team

Strong Foundations

We use the power of the cloud to boost your application’s performance and capabilities. Our team of information architects is actively searching and testing the latest and greatest infrastructure technologies so you always get to use the most powerful tools period.

  • Serverless: basically your application would run on a per-request basis so you no longer have to have servers online 24/7. This is extremely scalable and cost-efficient.
  • Machine learning: leverage pattern recognition, data analysis, trend spotting and automate decision making on many areas that would otherwise require an entire staff. We can design entire neural networks for heavy data processing tasks
  • Big data: gather, query and classify large amounts of data to get valuable insights about your customers
  • Facial and image recognition: we can develop security solutions for you that would otherwise require dozens of analysts monitoring surveillance systems. Your app could also classify image sets for quality control purposes or for developing better marketing solutions
  • Sensor connectivity iftt iot: you can gather data from your environment: temperature, humidity, flow pressure, air pressure, altitude, location, proximity, movement, etc.. so your systems can take intelligent decisions based on input from its surroundings

Analytics and QA Testing

Feedback from your users is extremely important. Strategy adjustments and/or design tweaks are sometimes needed and we support you all the way

  • Section and event tagging to know how engaged your users are with the different features.
  • We receive crash reports and act on them to accomodate users with special combinations of os/make/model.
  • We help you track more than 50 kpi’s so you can get a real feel of how your application is doing.
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Our Team

Retention, Growth, Engagement

“That’s how you measure
success in the app world”

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